Cheats & Codes from ‘Kim Kardashian: Hollywood’

The other day we talked about this game that is bursting the video game market for mobile phones: Kim Kardashian Hollywood cheats . And not for less: offers a kind of gameplay rather attractive and, in addition, is based on the superstar Kim Kardashian, the best possible hook.

And since the game is having such success, also among the Spanish public, we have decided to collect the best tricks of ‘Kim Kardashian: Hollywood’, so that nothing is left in the inkwell. Let’s find out below.

Unlimited energy

The game has an energy system that limits players to some extent. When the energy is exhausted, the player must wait some time for it to regenerate automatically. The trick is to take advantage of the lapse of regeneration time. If we modify the clock of the mobile we can accelerate this process.

But, beware, this time there is a security system that will prevent it. What you do is: close the game and remove it from the cache by pressing the power button twice on your device. Then the player can go to the configuration menu of his device and adjust the time forward for 30 minutes.

Change hair and skin color

It is possible to do it, but it is not easy. Kim Kardashian: Hollywood lets you change your eyes, skin, hair, make-up, nail polish and lipstick and for that you just have to go to the clothing store by pressing the suspend button. Tap the icon for the head and, on the left, you will see a new icon along with the eye icon. That is where you find the customization option for skin and eye color.

While for hair color , it can be changed under the new combed menu.

Help in the quest Go for side dish

There is a way to make extra money in the game: at the So Chic store . We must try to work longer days in the store to achieve the necessary experience points and money that allows us to win the five stars.

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