portrait secrets: facial position

Today I wanted to share a secret with you, my secret for not having a double chin in photographs. You know, when I know they’re happening and am not wrestling children still.

It’s not my secret, it’s one I stumbled across while perusing one of the several photography websites I frequent. And, despite the fact that it’s featured on a Photoshop Insider blog, it’s all about light and facial angles. So don’t panic if you don’t have Photoshop. Not needed.

It’s all about the Jaw from Peter Hurley on Vimeo.
Now, this video is about portrait photography of other people, because as the person behind the camera you are going to know exactly when they’ve reached that extended-without-looking-weird point. But I’m here to tell you that you can achieve this YOURSELF in your self portraits or portraits others take of YOU.

It will feel weird, thrusting your face forward and pulling it slowly back a little. But trust me. It works. And after you’ve successfully done it a few times you’ll get a feel for just how much you need to extend and tilt to get that perfect face forward portait shot..of you!

Here’s my lame video of me demonstrating with my wibbly wobbly extra chins.

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8 thoughts on “portrait secrets: facial position

  1. I remember seeing an interview a hell of a long time ago with Beau Bridges talking about pushing his tongue against his bottom teeth to help prevent double chins while filming. mehe.
    Christa recently posted..8 Months OldMy Profile

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