rounding out the Covert Robin

If you were following along with the Covert Robin, a fabulous international handmade goods swap thought up by the lovely Miss Rachael over at Imagine Gnats, you might recall that today is a very special day.

It’s Prize Day!!!

Prize: Pencil necklace
made by Karolin Felix

That’s right, today is the day the random draws from the participant linky are awarded prizes from the co-hosts! The craftacular lady who drew my giveaway is the lovely Karen from Dancing in Red Shoes.

Which is funny because, just like the cohost I drew in the swap, her name is Karen and she lives in Australia. And they know each other! I think this must mean I need to plan a trip to Australia. After I win  the lottery, I mean.

Congratulations, Karen!!

You guys should definitely go take a peak at what Karen made in the swap. She’s a sewer and made a gorgeous handbag as well as a starter square for a quilt. But not just any kind of quilt square, a crazy quilt square. I have been wanting to do a crazy quilt pretty much since I started quilting, but that’s the sort of thing you have to have an excellent and random stash for. And it does help to have some embroidery skills. My stash of random is growing, so who knows. Maybe I’ll learn a trick or two from Karen over on her blog!

Be sure to pop over to the other hosts today and see who else won, and what fabulous prizes they are getting!

Courtney (mon petit lyons)
Jane (buzzmills)
Kelley (casa crafty)
Rachael (imagine gnats)
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