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So I mentioned how we’re going to the Greenbrier in July. Have you guys Googled that yet? No? Here, let me give you a link.

The Greenbrier is a swanky 5 star resort with it’s own spa, casino, pool, restaurants, sekret underground government bunker, and awesome activities like white water rafting, kayaking, falconry, horse back riding, carriage rides, blahblahblah. The list goes on and on.

It also has a dress code. As in, you may not wear your swimsuit anywhere but the spa or pool, and you have to change into it there. You have to wear x kind of clothes in the day and x kind of clothes in the evening.

Which means I’ll need to buy some clothes.

It also means I want to get things like this

and this

and this

And all of that means I really need to get serious and start watching what I eat and actually going for walks and walk-jogs and maybe throw in some dvds. Which is going to be tough.

I mean, I used to go to a gym almost every day and spend a few hours working out and loving it. But that only worked because my friend was with me, and I certainly can’t join a gym right now and will have to work this in while taking care of the kids.

It’s going to be tough, not because it’s not doable, but because I am incapable of sticking to exercise. I get tired, I get busy and I get forgetful. I literally forget that I wanted to do exercise and lose weight and look better in clothing.

I know, I know it’s totally a mental gliche I have somehow concocted as a means of getting out of it. But it’s there.  There’s also some fair amount of general forgetfulness actually happening to me. I don’t know if it’s the constant tiredness I feel lurking at the edges all the time, or if it’s the same problem I got after my mugging wherein I could no longer concentrate on things and had a hard time focusing on tasks, which made the last bit of grad school really interesting. Maybe it wasn’t just PTSD, maybe the guy actually did a little damage when he slammed that salsa jar in my head. Who knows.

The thing is, whether it’s all in my head or actually is my head, I gotta get over it.

So I’m going to start trying to keep track of what I eat, my attempts at exercise, etc. and make a once a week post summing up how I did.

Please please follow along. I will need encouragement and reminders and just support in general.

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