what’s in YOUR bag? a hop!

In an odd moment of ‘what the heck’, I decided to share with you what I carry around with me when I strap a bag to my body. Now, first I have to show you my embarrassment… which is the bag itself.

I kind of dislike the bag. A lot.

I mean, it’s functional, I can shove everything related to diapers and spare undies plus my ipad and camera if I want, but I kind of long for something pretty. Or at least visually interesting. You know?

Anyway. I emptied it out and this is what I found inside…

Not terribly much, eh? This was clearly not a spare pants, spare undies, 2 spare cloth diapers, the wipes and a wet bag kind of day.  So what’s in there?

Starting at the top left you can see the baby chest-rub cus.. I guess the kids had a cold and I was carrying it around probably when traveling. The small pink ball next to it is actually lip balm. There’s also the tinted Burt’s Bees, two nail clippers and some hair things for myself and for Delilah too. Just cus.

Then you’ve got the eye lash curler, mascara and some make-up remover…because I got this wild hair to wear mascara but couldn’t find the brand I’d recently read a good review of so I did a test of Covergirl Lashblast 24 Hour Mascara to see if it REALLY was a not gonna rub off thing. And guess what? Neither my face nor pillow had black smear on them in the 24 hours I unapologetically wore it. That’s hot.

Mind you I didn’t use the curler, I just acquired that yesterday while at the drug store. I had this “hey, whatever happened to curlers..” moment because I hadn’t actually seen any or heard anyone talk about them but I remember my mom used to be all about it. So I got one. Cus you never know. Plus experimenting!

Under that you have my utilitarian stuff. A screw driver because you never know when you need to open a toy to see if the batteries are dead or it’s really broken. A flashlight because, of course, I mean..it looks like a mini light saber!!  Some pens and some batteries. I’ve got no clue on the batteries actually. I’m guessing I put them in a toy and found out the toy was dead and stuck the batteries back in my bag. No idea.

Next to that there’s a water color palette and, of course, the mini bottle of water intended to go with it. What? You don’t carry water colors around?

There are my sun glasses, which incidentally slip handily over my glasses..by chance. I didn’t even realize that when I got them.

The little black thing is my remote trigger for my camera, which I generally keep in my bag because I might forget it otherwise.

In the center is a cute little coin bag that says “Life Savings” on it and a little  James Joyce button which came from the local book store, as did the mini bound book pin – my ‘thanks for participating’ present from the Edible Books festival.

If you squint you might make out the necklace above the remote trigger, it has a gold fish on it and I love it. But the chain broke and I must have slipped it into my bag and completely forgot about it. Have you noticed a theme here?

The little white slips are plastic coated pieces of paper. I was helping a friend with her “homework” one night and we were cutting words out and putting together bags for kids to practice sentence forming with. These were the spare bits and I kept them thinking that I could use a dry erase marker on them and work with Ev on words and stuff when he’s a little older. I know.. hoarder.

And that leaves the bundle at the top right. The green slip of paper is an information sheet from the pediatrician’s office yesterday. It’s a “how to deal with toddler tantrums” thing. Totally not useful for Delilah at present, but absolutely useful for Everett who is coming into his own at 3.5 years old.

On top of that is the little health wellness book they gave me at her first visit. I bring it to each well visit and they input her height, weight, etc. whatever vaccinations she got and they take a picture and put it in. I kind of love it and wish Ev had had one.

And finally there is the Target gift card. Which doesn’t SEEM like it’s related to the other things it’s with, but totally is. Delilah was participating in a saliva study where they would sample her saliva at each well visit. It’s something to do with cavities and bacteria in the mouth before and during teeth formation. I dunno. Makes no sense to me for them to have her in a study and not, you know, keep checking on her until she has a cavity? Whatev, they give her a $10 gift card after each visit so I’ve been putting them aside and using them to buy her some fun clothes now and then. She earned it.

So that is what was in my bag. Was, because now that I’ve laid it all out I’ve totally put things away and not all of it is in there anymore. Wohoo!

Wanna participate? Make a post and add it to the linky list. It’s a for fun thing, do it when you want – I would LOVE to know what you carry around with you. Or if you’re not inclined to post it, just tell me in the comments! Please don’t let me be the only fool doing this.

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