Cleveland Color Run 2014

About a month ago I saw something about a color run 5K at night. It sounded strange and really fun and I decided I wanted to do it. But it was only 2 weeks away. I was thiiiiiiis close to signing up for it when I saw that there was a Color Run happening here in Cleveland. I had more time to get some training in and it was in the day so there’d be more photo opportunities. You know how I like a good photo op.

I’m so glad I did. This morning was the run and it was fantastic. I would do this again. I will do this again! And my friend agreed, which means I’ll have a buddy for it! This 5K was so much easier than the 10k I did while pregnant with Delilah. Maybe because I was 3 or 4 months pregnant then, or maybe because I had someone to chat with and keep me company so wasn’t focusing on the hills.

Here are the photos I took with my iPhone…

first day of preK: the Delbert edition

So this happened today. She’s been so excited about PreK that we have pretty much not had a single week go by since February in which she didn’t ask if she was going to school soon. We thought last week was going to be the day because I’m an idiot and forgot they delay a week for PreK. That was not a pleasant bit of news to deliver.

She was mildly disappointed that she didn’t get to go to school in the morning when Everett did. But she got over it when I informed her she was still going to school, she just had afternoon school.

Which basically means that I go back and forth to school four times a day instead of two. It would be six but the husband takes the boy child in the morning. I’m sure glad we live only a few blocks away.

She ran the whole way to school, pausing only to lament that I was walking faster than her and she really hates to be slow but I have this thing where being slowed down by a hand on the stroller while I’m pushing anything vaguely stroller-like annoys the heck out of me. Am I the only one?

Then it turned out we got to the school like 20 minutes early. Tooooorture. Note to self: remember your cell phone next time so you can at least drag your feet on the walk a little if need be.

One of her t-ball teammates is in her class, so that was exciting. Except Charlie is a bit shy so he was hiding behind his mom until it was time to go inside. Del was more of a “COME ON ALREADY! LET’S GO INSIDE!! WHATEVER MOM, HUGS JUST SLOW ME DOWN.” kind of kid. I’m okay with that.

Mostly because I still have this little munchkin to cling to me. For a few more years, anyway.

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