My daughter is Frozen’s Anna. No, Really.

Now that her hair is long enough to braid it’s hard to un-see Delilah as Disney’s Anna. She’s kind of perfect. I love how much she loves Anna and only kind of likes Elsa. It seems like every little girl, and some boys, that I know want to be Elsa. I mean the Halloween Elsa Drinking Game was no joke around these parts. But not my girl, nope. She wants to be Anna. And she’s constantly schooling me in how the hair should be, what the necklace should look like, etc. And we haven’t even watched that movie in months. (Okay, okay.. so we have been keeping up with Once Upon A Time, Frozen)

It’s the magic, I dig it. But Anna is the true hero of the story. She’s brave, she’s full of love, she’s a little bit foolish, and she saves the day, the town and her sister.

 And ermahgerd this pout. WILL YOU LOOK AT THIS POUT?

Come out and play with her Elsa! Jebus!

And the cherry on the cake…

She’s just the sweetest thing ever. I’m so lucky to have her.

Halloween Adventures

Our Halloween traditions usually include going to get pumpkins, carving said pumpkins and the trick-or-treat adventure itself. This year we changed things up a little. I’ve been trying to get out more the last year, do more me things. It occurred to me recently that our kids don’t do a lot of things for them either. So that’s going to change.  This year we started our adventure with the next town over’s business district Candy Crawl.

It was pretty fun. We met lots of super nice people and the kids got a decent haul for 30 minutes of walking around. We followed it up with some pizza at the local spot, where the kids spent half of the time either running between our table and a friend’s or watching the guys toss pizza dough in the kitchen.

The next morning we went to the Cleveland  Natural History Museum for their Hoots & Howls event.

Which was also fabulous. The kids painted pumpkins that would be put into the animal habitats in their tiny ‘native animals’ zoo. Ev made a paper bag filled with scents and shredded paper for our cat as part of their ‘pet enrichment’ center. They folded paper in origami tables and they interacted with the Human Plus exhibit – which was pretty cool. They got to design a wheel chair for a girl who wanted to be able to dance in her chair. They, and I, got to try out a wheelchair skiing simulator. And of course, we visited Lucy. Lucy is my favorite.

After that we hit up a corn maze for the first time.

Turns out it was Christopher’s first corn maze too. It was pretty fun. $4/person fun? Eeeh.. maybe. I would have liked to have been allowed to enter it a second time after getting a delicious fried apple without having to pay. But still, it was entertaining to wander around a maze shaped like Ohio and find all of the little paths that led to various Ohio factoids and people of interest. Like Taft. Or Edison. Or Kelley’s Island. The kids ran ahead and I got a nice buzz of fear at the thought of them getting lost or encountering someone unsavory in the maze as they got further and further away from me. For 30 minutes. It was great and we’ll do it again next year.

We rounded it out with Halloween day which started with taking Christopher downtown for a very special photo shoot. See..this is what you need to know about Christopher’s costume:

So yeah.. it required some showing off and a special photo shoot at the downtown Cleveland Main Library.

After that we headed to the elementary school to see Everett in the school costume parade, followed by his class party.

And on the way home we jumped in some leaves. Because where there is a dry leaf pile there is potential for childhood magic.

And finally the big night! I took the easy road and made myself an ID badge that suggests I might be a lady Spiderman. If you’re paying attention. I think most of the parents at the kids costume parade thought I was a real press member, which is it’s own kind of fun frankly.

And it rained so the kids wore coats over their costumes, which they politely unzipped to show people at the houses as they went along.

And then there was last night. Last night the bigs went to a costume party with their dad. Kimball wasn’t feeling great and failed to nap all day so he stayed home sleeping and I made bread and watched a movie. Good times.

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